Sailing route

This winter, we’re embarking on an exciting sailing adventure to Martinique and Grenada, spanning two unforgettable weeks. We are stepping our game up and adding some offshore sailing to traverse between these two captivating countries. The passages won’t be overly demanding, our longest leg will cover approximately 115 nautical miles, taking about 24 hours to sail from Martinique to the Grenadines. Following this, we’ll indulge in more leisurely and relaxing sailing between multiple islands in close proximity.

As the name of our website implies, this is a sailing trip shared with friends, and all of us will be actively involved in various onboard tasks, including cooking, dishwashing, and boat upkeep. If you’re not keen on cooking, there are plenty of other duties to choose from. For those eager to acquire sailing skills, our skippers are more than willing to engage you in navigating the boat and imparting their knowledge.

All crew members may be asked to assist with boat navigation and mooring.  Your skipper will provide thorough guidance throughout the process. While you can see our estimated route below, we like to keep things flexible. If we fall in love with a particular bay, we’ll stay there some extra time. Conversely, if a place doesn’t captivate us as expected, we’ll hoist the sails and set course for the next destination. With that being said we are going to visit all the most interesting spots in any case.

Our fleet

We are sailing onboard of catamarans. It is very comfortable, modern, and spacious vessels suitable for a crew of max 8 people. Catamaran has four double cabins, two showers and toilets, a kitchen, and a huge cockpit. Catamarans are equipped with Reverse Osmose eliminating the need to refill fresh water tanks in marinas.



Two weeks is plenty of time to sail, explore inland, dive and chill.  With the boats we are getting we would have quite an autonomy and can alter our schedule to our liking. So far our journey will look something like this:

13 April – arriving to Martinique, checking in boats, sailing to nearest bay and relaxing after a long flight

14 April – setting sails toward Grenadines, 115 mile passage

15 April – arriving to Grenadines

15 – 19 April – exploring archipelago and slowly going towards Grenada

20 – 22 April – spending some time in Grenada

23 April – sailing back to Martinique

24 – 26 April – exploring Martinique

27 April – disembarkation, flight back home

Martinique is a very European like island and if you like you can stay an extra week or two to work remotely there


It’s a non-commercial trip, everyone including skippers are sharing all costs equally. The price of the trip is approximately 2000 euro per person for 14 days. Price includes all sailing-related expenses. We are going to track all costs during the trip and adjust them on the last day. If we save some money you are getting them back if we overspend a bit you need to cheep in to cover the extra cost.


  1. 14 nights on board
  2. Food and drinks on board
  3. Yacht insurance
  4. Fuel

Not included

  1. Airplane tickets  
  2. Food and drinks on shore
  3. Hotels
  4. Diving tours